'beforeRemove' Event

The ‘beforeRemove’ event is triggered when an item is about to be removed from the cart.  It passes a single parameter of the Item about to be removed, which can be modified.

If a callback for the event returns false, the item will not be removed.

// simple callback example
simpleCart.bind( 'beforeRemove' , function( item ){
  console.log( item.get('name') + " was removed from the cart" ); 



  1. Sep 02, 2012

    Christian Nikkanen  said:

    I have a problem with this. I have this function stated to be executed before an item removal:
    function RemoveProduct(){return confirm(“Poista?”);}

    But here’s what it does:
    It simply asks to confirm the removal of a product, but it doesn’t really care about the selection, if it returns true, it removes it, if it returns false it removes it. Any help?

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