'beforeAdd' Event

The ‘beforeAdd’ event is triggered when an item is about to be added to the cart.  It passes a single parameter of the Item about to be added, which can be modified.

If a callback for the event returns false, the item will not be added.

// simple callback example
simpleCart.bind( 'beforeAdd' , function( item ){
  console.log( item.get('name') ); 

// example of modifying the price of the item based on a 'size' attribute
simpleCart.bind( 'beforeAdd' , function( item ){
  if( item.get( 'size' ) == 'Small' ){
    item.price( 10 );
  } else if( item.get( 'size' ) == 'Large' ){
    item.price( 12 );

// example of preventing items from being added
// that have a 'color' attribute set to 'Red'
simpleCart.bind( 'beforeAdd' , function( item ){
  if( item.get( 'color' ) === 'Red'){
    return false; // prevents item from being added to cart



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